How the tire is mounted on the rim

The smart way to the perfect complete wheel

We will show you in our video of a wheel mounting system how the tire is mounted on the rim, inflated, and then balanced to turn it into a quality product. In Emden, in northern Germany, our customer Dirks is operating probably one of the most capable systems in Europe.

In a fully automated and highly flexible JIT process, approximately 6,500 ready-to-install complete wheels, consisting of hundreds of different tire and rim combinations, are rolling of the assembly line every day. Our assembly line combines digital process control engineering with innovative automation and robot technology, a highly flexible tire inflation system, as well as powerful balancing technology. Through intelligently controlled mixed operation, the overall process of this JIT line covers all complete wheel production steps without any gaps: From mounting the tires on the rims and inflating them with the precise amount of air to optimizing the tire seating and checking uniformity down to balancing and correcting the complete wheels in a final sequencing process.

What is especially interesting about this smart system is the integration of our LOXEO applications. They allow users to track and evaluate each individual process stage on a dashboard regardless of where they are located. As a result, Dirks can always operate the system with the highest efficiency and the best possible output.

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